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Epic University's self-paced course, Live Sessions, and Support programs is the perfect mix to fuel your power to trade. Getting started is easy and you can learn on the go.

Epic University membership includes
access to live trading sessions, mentoring and more. Explore below.

What’s Included In the Epic University Membership.

The Best Opportunity to Bring Dreams to Life Starts Here with Epic Trading

Featuring EPIC University’s Scholar Trading Curriculum

Epic Trading is proud to offer it's Epic University Membership that comes with access to all of Epic’s services that includes the following:

  • Epic University Curriculum
  • Epic Trade Alerts
  • Epic Study Hall
  • Live Trading Sessions
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Market Forecasts

For one low monthly fee, gain unlimited access today.

Membership includes
Tools and Support


Everything you will need to supplement your Epic University curriculum is found here in Epic Essentials.

  • Epic Honors
  • Trade Review
  • Study Hall I
  • Study Hall II


You have the key to unlock all of the resources required to gain mastery of the information and enhance your Epic business.

  • Trading Alerts
  • Trading Sessions
  • Weekly Market Forcast
  • 20 Pips & Dip Indicator™

Epic University Program Highlights.

Epic’s curriculum is second to none. Get started and discover a new path to financial freedom. 

Self-paced University Program

Epic University’s self-paced learning curriculum navigates you through all of the details necessary for you to become a proficient trader as quickly as possible.

Live Trading Sessions

Here’s your chance to “look over the shoulders”, virtually, of 6, 7 and even 8 figure traders to see how they recognize patterns, set up charts and execute winning trades.

Study Halls and More

Epic implemented Study Hall so that you can review information you may have missed and also ask questions and get real-time answers, live, with an Epic Educator.

Reward yourself and start
your trading future with Epic.

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